Luc Cutie Vegan Leather Pacifier Clip

Luc Cutie Vegan Leather Pacifier Clip


Ryan & Rose

 A great vegan option to our Ryan & Rose lineup is the Luc Cutie Clip.  Luc meaning light, is made from a super soft and chunky faux-suede lace, this clip comes in 7 color options and is a personal favorite.  Measuring approximately 7.5” long, each hand braided faux suede piece is securely attached to a lead-free Ryan & Rose clip.  Each clip is masterfully designed with a padded insert to protect the fabric it is attached to.  Non-toxic adhesive is used to securely attach faux suede to the clip.  Please note, each clip is handmade in the USA with imported materials.



Spot clean with a cloth and warm water. Do not place clip in washing machine or soak in water.  Doing so may compromise the overall quality of the clip and cause it to rust. Excessive moisture may also cause this material to bleed.  Stretching is normal over time.



This is not a toy. Inspect clip before every use and discard if damaged. Do not tie around a child's neck and never allow a child to use while sleeping.

Due to wear and tear, Cutie Clips do not come with a warranty. Like any baby product that is used on a daily basis, Cutie Clips should be alternated every 2 months for sanitary reasons. 


To see more pictures of the Luc Cutie Clip and Engraved Cutie Clips, check out the following links on Instagram and follow us at @RyanAndRose: 

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